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We just had some long-awaited items come in today. First, for the Yu-Gi-Oh! fans, it’s the Ra Yellow Mega Pack.

This set is a selection of 113 of the favourite cards from the Legendary Collection 2 Mega Packs, packed in sets of eleven cards per booster. With additional foil cards and new rarity distributions, it’s never been easier to get the cards you want.

In the “non-collectible” card game category, we have the latest expansion for Nightfall. The Coldest War is a stand-alone expansion that you can on its own or add to your other Nightfall sets. It takes you to Russia and Eastern Europe, the birthplace of legends like werewolves and vampires. This set also introduces Moon Phases, an important mechanic for those of a lupine nature.

For those who prefer their ghoulies and ghosties a little closer to home, we have Locke and Key, the Game. Based on the graphic novel series by Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez, this card game features  game play that has you walking a line between co-operation and competition. You can help your fellow players, but should you? Resources are limited, and there are decisions to be made…

If you prefer your games a little more on the realistic side, Academy Games’ 1812: The Invasion of Canada is taking the gaming world by storm, already being touted as a strong contender for game of the year. Its innovative mechanics, great custom dice and tense decision making are all getting favourable reviews – and not all from purist wargamers.

For a great overview of the game check out Gameshark’s rave here:

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